Louise Hay- The Lady, Who Has Been Healing The Lives Of A Manifold Of People

Louise Hay – a notable, acclaimed, renowned author, speaker, soul teacher and artist – who made us conscious about the conscience – we entrap. She made us aware about the latent, inward, power of our subconscious mind, about the hidden strength and spunk of positive affirmations – as well.
Louise Hay- the lady, who has been healing the lives of a manifold of people
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Mahatma Gandhi – the prudent, pensive, shrewd freedom fighter of India once said he teaches people by his own life style – merely.

There is another person – named Louise Hey who fought a lot yet taught us a lot – about how to onset yet regime a desired life - indeed.

Louise Hay acquired this talisman by living her own life – which was engulfed with strive, struggle and battle as a matter of fact.

It was 8th of October,1926 – when the planet earth faced her stunning, innocent face – for the first time –ever!

Her destiny was ruthless and merciless to

her since the very beginning of her life. The mother of Louise Hey was a poor lady. It was not possible for Louise – the innocent, divine child  to get the ethereal love, affection, endearment of her own father at all, because the conjugality of her mom and dad was terminated. – Her mom remarried with a caddish, violent man.  That brutal man was season to abuse (physically) his step child Louise and her mom – regularly. The planet earth was a desert for Louise. She didn’t get an iota of happiness from anywhere of the expansive world. Unhappiness depleted her completely yet unwaveringly. Yet her profound, deep grief was spilth down when she became a prey of  an offender – who deflowered Louise – the little angel in her early childhood. 

Devastated Louise became enceinte at the age of 15. – Her new born baby was adopted by a kind hearted couple (they had no child actually).

Louise left her dwelling house in Los Angeles (L.A. was her birth place actually) and sifted to the city of  Chicago.  She didn’t acquire any degree or diploma – was not qualified enough to avail a high paying job. Hence her financial condition was not good at all – at that time!

In the year of 1950

this low profiled, poor lady went away from Chicago and started to reside in New York. She changed her name there and her destiny was also changed then. Louise became a successful fashion model in the city of New York – gradually.

Her married life was started  at the age of 28. 14 years later her married life was manifested as a hollow one and ended badly – because her hubby (who didn’t comprise the quality of moderation at all) had a love affair with another woman.

Vanquished, dishevelled   Louise learned about the magical power of thoughts then.  After that she outlived from the incurable decease cervical cancer by the help of her positive thoughts predominately.

She wrote her very first book ‘Heal your body’ at the age of 50. Her book ‘You can heal your life’ pitched her at the crest of fame. She is now 91+. Yet very much active – just like her immortal book – ‘You can heal your life.’ and the affirmations. This book and the affirmations are incantations – as a matter of fact.

We are going to divulge some of these breeze benevolent affirmations now –

  1. I AM SAFE

Louise Hay – is not a lady only – she is a regime actually.  She, her thoughts are serving the world – successively !

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  • angelite9  24-06-2017
    Louise Hay has done great service to mankind. She has taught people how to heal themselves and to lead a healthful life at all levels of their beings. She has taught people to discover their true inner power.
    reply 1
    • mithu  24-06-2017
      YES. I AGREE WITH YOU....................................................
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