The Popular Liquors Of The World, Which Make Everybody Lit-up –literally!

There are a manifold of liquors over here. We are going to yield some in formations about some of the liquors – now!
The popular liquors of the world, which make everybody lit-up –literally!
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Some of the perky, sassy people say as ridicule – quirk – jest that – a history is a saga of some people – who are dead - not alive actually. But it is not a peeled verity – as a matter of fact.

History is not something, which is clogged, shackled, averted. It is not cognitive only. It is zesty, resilient. History has speed, rapidness, velocity, dynamism. History agitates. History implies, prevails, manifests – compels to comply so many things actually.

History yields us every information about lit – up people yet about the grogs as well.

History is conventional. History is

habile to convince us easily.

From the written history (Parisinus gracesthe Byzantine Greek manuscript), we came to know that the Greek alchemist Zosimos of Panopolis had been using the distillation equipments in 3rd century.

Any ways, grog, liquor, wine is a modality – which is almost an obvious yet indispensable part or component of a party or a rave, a reliant, faithful companion of a gloomy person. It yields (replenishes rather) enrapture to its devotees -consecutively – always.

There are a manifold of liquors over here. We are going to yield some in formations about some of the liquors – now! -


The popular wines of the world

* Jinro soju (65.3 million cases) - It is (Jinro soju) the most popular spirit of the planet earth. It is made by rice – in the conventional yet traditional process actually. The expense of this wine is very low. The devotees of this wine say – it comes in a light yet sweet taste.

* Emperador (31 million cases) – It is (Emperador)a kind of brandy yet poses the second position in the very list of ‘The popular wines of the world’.

* Smirnoff (25.8 million cases) – This vodka (Smirnoff) was created in the year

of 1864. After 99 years (at the year of 1963) we saw it (Smirnoff) in the very first film of James Bond.

* Lotte liquor ( 25.4 million cases) – It is (Lotte liquor )the fourth best selling wine of the world. It is smooth yet soothing as well.

*Ginebra san Miguel (23.8 million cases) - Ginebra san Miguel is the Dutch type of gin – which poses the fifth position in this very particular of lists. We have been tasting it since 1834.

*Bacardi (19.8 million cases) – The rum Bacardi is owned by the company with the same name – which was formed in the year of 1862.

* Tanduay (19.6 million cases) – It is (Tanduay )the another brand of rum actually. It is made by the company of Tanduay distillers – situated at the very country of Philippines. It is number seven.

* McDowell’s No. 1 ( 19.5 million cases) - McDowell’s No.1 is the wine, which poses the eighth position in this list.

* Johnnie Walker (18.9 million cases) – In the ninth position, we can find out the name of Johnnie Walker – actually.

  Johnnie Walker is also a kind of scotch whiskey developed by the company of Diageo.

* Pirassununga 51 ( 18.5 million cases) – At the end of the list of ‘The popular wines of the world’ the name of the particular spirit - Pirassununga 51 is adverted – as a matter of fact.

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  • raghubirs  10-03-2017
    Broadly there are thre categories- fermented wines, fermented and brewed beers & lastly fermented and distilled -whisky, brandy, gin, rum, vodka etc. Indian whiskies Officers Choice, McDowell No 1 are quite popular. However Indian Rum like Old Monk have been quite in demand too.
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    • mithu  10-03-2017
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